November Blog’n

It was a really busy month of November for me in Los Angeles!

I didn’t have any travel at all last month, which is a nice change of pace for me, as this year has been full of travel- some of it documented here!

I’ve decided to post some of my favorite images that I took in November:

SUP_0046.jpgSUP_0139.jpgSUP_0216.jpgDEFTONES 2012SUP_0310.jpgSUP_0347.jpgSUP_0569.jpgSUP_0692.jpgSUP_0696.jpgSUP_0717.jpgDEFTONES 2012SUP_0908.jpgDEFTONES 2012SUP_1079.jpgSUP_1099w.jpgSUP_1119.jpgSUP_1127.jpgSUP_1172w.jpgSUP_1225.jpgSUP_1267w.jpgSUP_1346.jpgSUP_1469.jpgSUP_1818.jpgSUP_1929.jpgSUP_1945.jpgSUP_1970.jpgSUP_2087.jpgSUP_2281.jpgSUP_3004.jpgSUP_3192.jpgSUP_3232.jpgSUP_4205.jpgSUP_4274.jpgSUP_4772.jpgALEXI LAIHOSUP_5553w.jpgSUP_5578w.jpgSUP_5722w.jpgSUP_8423.jpgSUP_8504.jpgSUP_8616.jpgSUP_8654.jpgSUP_8670.jpgSUP_8772.jpgSUP_8795.jpgSUP_9363.jpgSUP_9436.jpgSUP_9543.jpgSUP_9579.jpgSUP_9750.jpgSUP_9750w.jpgSUP_9824.jpgSUP_9984.jpg

I would like to say thanks to the bands and crews as always for making it a pleasure to do what I love to do. So thanks, Lamb of God, In Flames, Hatebreed, Deftones, Halestorm, In This Moment, and Machine Head- here’s to a terrific December and beyond!



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