Long Beach Grand Prix

In the month of April, you can count two things. Tax day is coming, and so are the Indy Cars at the Long Beach Grand Prix (LBGP). For the past 20 years I have been attending this waterfront event, and its a drivers favorite.  This is one of the rare times I get to see my friends on the other side of the spectrum of music. Drivers, Crew and Team owners. For some reason, whenever I am in their hometowns while on tour, they are never there!  So the LBGP is place we get to see each other.

Jon Boslog with Penske Racing has been a friend for a long time. Jon’s a guy who loves going to concerts (he’s originally from So Cal and a big punk rock fan!) and has been a HUGE part of Team Penske’s Racing legacy. Jon’s influence has been felt for every pole position, race win, season championship and Indianapolis 500 rings (I’m pretty sure he has at least 6 rings!). I always get a call when he is in town to come and hang out.

For the second year, I have donned the blue photo vest to shoot the Indy Car Practice, qualifying and race. However, this year I spent time shooting the support events (Indy Lights, AMLS and the famous Celebrity Race) as well. Shooting race cars is so different than shooting concerts. It’s totally different than shooting concerts, and a different set of gear (really heavy stuff) and miles of walking! I feel VERY fortunate to have a LEGEND for a mentor in Steve Swope. Steve is one of the most sought after photog’s in racing. Knowing I can ask him for advice in person or on the phone is so cool!  Please check out his website at here.

SUP_9829.jpgc60-SUP_7052.jpgc99-SUP_7081.jpgSUP_7108.jpgSUP_7397.jpgSUP_7433.jpgSUP_7439.jpgSUP_7457.jpgSUP_7488.jpgSUP_8890.jpgSUP_8917.jpgSUP_9066.jpgSUP_9270.jpgSUP_9350.jpgSUP_9503.jpgSUP_9574.jpgSUP_9579.jpgSUP_9591.jpgSUP_9595.jpgSUP_9608.jpgSUP_9615.jpgSUP_9626.jpgSUP_9656.jpgSUP_9674.jpgSUP_9743.jpgSUP_9761.jpgSUP_9784.jpgSUP_9851.jpgSUP_9960.jpgphoto copy.jpgSU_SW.jpgSUP_0065.jpgSUP_0084.jpgSUP_0199.jpgSUP_0229.jpgSUP_0326.jpgSUP_0370.jpgSUP_0407.jpgSUP_0441.jpgSUP_0508.jpgSUP_0547.jpgSUP_0553.jpgSUP_0568.jpgSUP_0631.jpgSUP_0764.jpgSUP_0779.jpgSUP_0973.jpgSUP_1049.jpgSUP_1109.jpgSUP_1131.jpgSUP_1261.jpgSUP_1266.jpgSUP_1341.jpgSUP_4061.jpgSUP_4149.jpgSUP_4264.jpgSUP_4291.jpgSUP_4298.jpgSUP_4302.jpgSUP_4331.jpgSUP_4351.jpgSUP_4361.jpgSUP_4410.jpgSUP_4426.jpgSUP_4429.jpgSUP_4435.jpgSUP_4439.jpgSUP_4442.jpgSUP_4450.jpgSUP_4507.jpgSUP_4518.jpgSUP_4520.jpgSUP_4525.jpgSUP_4535.jpgSUP_4540.jpgSUP_4543.jpgSUP_4549.jpgSUP_4565.jpgSUP_4588.jpgSUP_5502.jpgSUP_5534.jpgSUP_5562.jpgSUP_5568.jpgSUP_5595.jpgSUP_5615.jpgSUP_5622.jpgSUP_5696.jpgSUP_5774.jpgSUP_5789.jpgSUP_5792.jpgSUP_5813.jpgSUP_5826.jpgSUP_5841.jpgSUP_5857.jpgSUP_5862.jpgSUP_5886.jpgSUP_5905.jpgSUP_5920.jpgSUP_5933.jpgSUP_5941.jpgSUP_5950.jpgSUP_5954.jpgSUP_5980.jpgSUP_6025.jpgSUP_6042.jpgSUP_6068.jpgSUP_6096.jpgSUP_6208.jpgSUP_6210.jpgSUP_6217.jpgSUP_6219.jpgSUP_6220.jpgSUP_6224.jpgSUP_6299.jpgSUP_6303.jpgSUP_6344.jpgSUP_6356.jpgSUP_6399.jpgSUP_6429.jpgSUP_6455.jpgSUP_6490.jpgSUP_6531.jpgSUP_6590.jpgSUP_6685.jpgSUP_6693.jpgSUP_6799.jpgSUP_7052.jpgSUP_7081.jpg

As always, I have a list of thank you’s. Here they are:

Jon Boslog-Tim Cindric-Jerry Bouschard-Ray Sorenson-Jimmy Vasser-Will Prappas-Steve Swopes-Rick Rinaman-Team Penske-KV Racing-Blackdog Racing

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